Pastor Note #51 — Here’s How I Do It: The Devotional Life of One Christian

Every so often people ask me about my devotional practices.  I don’t think I’ve ever written about that before, but it strikes me a something that some folks might find helpful.  I don’t share what follows as if to say that everyone should pattern their devotions after me.  In fact, my own pattern of devotional … Continue reading

Pastor Note #47 — Living in Time, Living with God, Part 3: Disciplines of Christian Remembering

            Time can seem like an enemy to us sometimes.  Our lives flow away from us into the past.  And as they do, they seem to slip through our fingers like sand.  We can especially feel that way as we watch our children and then our grandchildren grow up and … Continue reading

Sermon #28 — Getting Rooted and Grounded in “Forever”– 1 John 2:12-17

How we interact with the “world” is a theme that is regularly addressed in the Bible.  The apostle John digs into that matter here in this passage of his first letter.  I explore a little bit of how the term “world” is used in the Bible.  It is presented in both a positive and a … Continue reading

Pastor Note #24 — Getting in the Habit of God

Some things you must understand in order to do them.  Surgery is one example of that principle that comes to mind.  Conversely, some things you must do in order to understand them.  Fasting is a prime example of this latter principle. From an intellectual perspective fasting is hard to understand.  All sorts of plausible reasons … Continue reading

Prayer Note #18 — Holy Pleasures

You, O Lord, give blessings and fullness of pleasures.  Your pleasures surpass all the little, passing pleasures of sin and self-service.  Serving you is the richest form of pleasure, though my worldly eyes have trouble recognizing that.   Correct my vision today and always, so that I will be able to see, recognize, and hunger after … Continue reading

Pastor Note #20 — The Spiritual Exercise of Giving

So, my exercise regimen tends to change from time to time.  I am easily bored.  By switching from one thing to another – health club to high school pool to brisk walks in the neighborhood to strenuous biking.  I am currently in-between exercise programs.  I sort of like going to the gym.  Well, actually, I … Continue reading