Pastor Note #64 — Marriage: And Now for Something Completely Different

Marriage:  And Now for Something Completely Different Is there really a good reason why marriages of more than two people should be forbidden by law? Is sex a necessary part of marriage as it is now defined by the Supreme Court of the United States? Or is it now conceivable that an intentionally non-sexual relationship … Continue reading

Sermon #14 — The Doctrine of God, Pt. 5: Male and Female He Created Them

Following on the theme of the previous installment in this series, here I look deeper into the nature of humanity, the image of God, and gender.  As the preaching of this series worked out, I had not been planning on including this topic here in the series.  But after a passing reference to the nature … Continue reading

Sermons #6 — Sex and Loving God: Sin and Grace, Forgiveness and Righteousness

Part 4 of my “Sex and Loving God” series, here I explore John 8:2-11 and the notion of a community of brokenness–a community of redemption.   Earlier in the service, the congregation read Psalm 32 responsively, and that psalm served as a part of the biblical context for this sermon. “Sex and Loving God:  Sin and … Continue reading

Sermon #5 — Sex and Loving God: Sexual Discipleship

Discipleship is the calling of every one who claims the name of Christ.  Discipleship extend to every portion of our lives without exception.  The third sermon in a four sermon series on sex and the Christian faith, I preached this on January 22, 2012 at North Presbyterian Church, Elmira, NY.  Prior to the beginning of … Continue reading

Sermon #4 — Sex and Loving God: Brokenness and Redemption

The sermon linked to this post is the second sermon in a series on human sexuality and God.  This sermon was preached at North Presbyterian Church, Elmira, NY on Sunday, January 15, 2012.  Earlier in the service, we read responsively Isaiah 61:1-4.  Then on this recording of the sermon, I read from Romans 1:18-32. The … Continue reading

Bible Note #8–Genesis 3:7–Loin Cloths, the Fall, & Sex

Genesis 3:7–“Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made loincloths for themselves.” [HCSB] Maybe it’s because I’m preaching about sex these days, but today as I read this verse during my devotions, I was struck by the fact that … Continue reading

Sermon #3–Sex and Loving God: Natures and Origins

This sermon was preached at North Presbyterian Church on January 8, 2012 at morning worship.  It’s part of a series I preached on the topic of “Sex and Loving God.”  During that worship service we read Matthew 2:1-12 ( because this was the Sunday nearest to Epiphany, the church holy day when we celebrate the … Continue reading

Pastor Note #17–Sexual Discipleship

“When Christ calls a man [a person], he bids him come and die.”  That is a powerful statement made by a man who died because of his faith in Jesus Christ and Christ’s calling on his life.  His name was Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  He was a German pastor and theologian, and he was hanged by the … Continue reading

Pastor Note #16 — “Sex With a Purpose”

  What is sex?  And what is it for?  And is your answer any of my business anyway? For all our modern western  society’s fixation on sexuality, I don’t see any evidence that we are any less confused about it than our great grandparents.  So many books are being published on how to deal with … Continue reading

Pastor Notes #15 — A Theology of Sex

A Theology of Sex Rev. Gary A. Chorpenning We live in an age of sexual confusion.  I suspect it might be possible to make the argument that human beings have lived in sexual confusion ever since the Fall in to sin described in Genesis 3. Forty-one years ago the Presbyterian church produced “The Confession of … Continue reading