Quotes of Note #6 — Humility, Self-Examination, and the Grace of God

“It is only our exaggerated sense of self-righteousness that prevents us from looking honestly at ourselves.  As Christians we know that the Holy Spirit dwells within us, but we must also become aware of where we are tolerating sin if we will be successful in our war against the devil.  Therefore, be specific when you … Continue reading

Prayer Note #50 — Wandering

O my Lord and Father, I long for you. Year after year I have wandered after other food for my soul. But it was no food.  It was poison.  I could see that very clearly. I could see how it always diminished me. I withered. Yet, I persisted. But so did you.  You persisted with … Continue reading

Prayer Note #49 — A Prayer for Those Who Know Their Sins Well

Without your mercy, I will die. Apart from your forgiveness, you will consume me in the fires of your holy judgment. How can I live apart from you? I would be lost entirely! Yet, how can I live in your presence? I should be devoured by your holy wrath! I will hide in Jesus. In … Continue reading

Sermon #35 — Getting Ready for Jesus: Turning toward Life — Matthew 3:1-12

Who am I?  How do I measure myself?  Do I have the courage — or the faith — to look at myself as I really am in light of who I was meant to be?  Why would I want to do that? “Repentence” sounds like such an old-fashioned notion — a word uttered by a … Continue reading

Prayer Notes #3–Reflecting on Acts 2:38

A Prayer Reflecting on Acts 2:38 I confess, Lord, that I’m not sure that I’m willing to repent.  Well, but I don’t want not to repent.  The price of that is far too great.  But the complete change of life, of direction, of behavior seems so hard; and I love my ease and comfort and … Continue reading