Pastor Note #38–A Prayer at the Closing of a Church

I was the second to the last installed pastor at Central Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio.  On November 20, 2011, the last service of worship was held in that 151 year old building by that congregation that was founded in 1839.   I participated that service along with my successor and my predecessor pastors.  I prayed … Continue reading

Pastor Note #31 — “Does God Ever Say, ‘Ooops!’?”

    The church of Jesus Christ does not mark time in years but in generations, in centuries.  One year in the eyes of God is but a fleeting moment.  That kind of long timeframe is not natural for human beings.  Few of us ever experience life over even one century, much less centuries.             This … Continue reading

Pastor Note #28 — The Marks of Everyday Life

Bringing the Marks of Everyday Life into the Presence of the Lord Finally, I had a decent black suit.  I was very pleased with that fact on this particular morning as I drove to conduct a funeral. Until a recent, successful trip to the Bargain Hut, I had been without a good black suit.  I … Continue reading

Pastor Note #26 — After His Dad Died

{The following post is the text of a letter I wrote to a man in his early fifties shortly after his father died.} Dear F., There is an ache and strangeness that comes when our parents die.   I don’t think it really matters a lot how old we or they are when that happens. I … Continue reading

Prayer Note #16 — A Pastor’s Sunday Morning Prayer

    Lord, I know less than usual what to expect during worship today.  Help me to trust you more than usual.  Pour your Spirit out in fullness on our worship.  Quiet the fears the people may have at your Spirit’s coming upon us, and instead open us to receive him in all power, grace, … Continue reading