Sermon #55 — The Victor’s Battle Cry and our Easter Victory Gift

AN AUDIO SERMON [see link below] By rising from the dead — raising us up with him — Jesus Christ has won the great victory and has, thus, restored to us our eternal significance which death had stripped us of. Death is a powerful and ever-present reality for human beings.  And for us death doesn’t … Continue reading

Prayer Notes #9–Wanting What You Want, Lord, Then Doing What I Want

Savior, thank you for your unfailing presence with me.  Thank you for reminding me that everything I do is filled with meaning in you.  You know that I struggle against and resist so much of what you lay before me to do, because I don’t “feel like” doing it.  So very much of my meaning … Continue reading

Pastor Notes #12 — The Ministry of Meaning

One of the most important things pastors can do is to help people understand the meaning of their actions and the circumstances of their lives.  Many philosophers and theologians have asserted that the ability to find meaning in the events of their lives and in the things that they do is one of the essential … Continue reading