Sermon #60 — Power to Change the World, a Pentecost Sermon

Pentecost, a holy day that Presbyterians, my clan, have work hard to trivialize over the centuries, ought to serve as an antidote to the demoralizing conception that the Christian faith is at its heart a set of ideas and a moral code.  Christianity is rather a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through the … Continue reading

Sermon #55 — The Victor’s Battle Cry and our Easter Victory Gift

AN AUDIO SERMON [see link below] By rising from the dead — raising us up with him — Jesus Christ has won the great victory and has, thus, restored to us our eternal significance which death had stripped us of. Death is a powerful and ever-present reality for human beings.  And for us death doesn’t … Continue reading

Sermon #39 — Words from the Beloved Apostle: Living through Jesus — 1 John 4:1-6

The confession of faith, “Jesus is Lord!”, is a life-giving affirmation.  The faith that is reflected in that a statement is the pathway to life, because the faith that lies at the root of that declaration opens the way into a life-giving communion with the living God of heaven and earth.  The Christian faith is … Continue reading