Sermon #58 — The Body of Jesus, Bodies for Jesus

The Body of Jesus, Bodies for Jesus A Sermon Preached on John 20:19-23 (see also Revelation 21:1-5) at Venice Presbyterian Church in Cecil Township, PA on April 12, 2014 Are we serious about serving an incarnate, an embodied God?  Do we really mean it?  And if we do, what does it mean for us that … Continue reading

Sermon #51 — The Goodness of God and a Christian Theology of Feasting

  Fasting generally seems to be a topic modern Christians are much more comfortable talking about than feasting.  Mind you, I don’t say we fast more often than we feast.  Western Christians feast constantly.  If we try to justify it, we tend to do that in terms of its fellowship value.  I suppose that’s all … Continue reading

Pastor Note #48 — Living in Time, Living with God, Part 4: Obedience–Faith in the Present Tense

            We human beings live within time very much the way fish live within water.  One way to think about the relationship of faith to the passage of time is to think about the tenses of faith.  I’ve described it this way.  Faith oriented toward the past faithfulness of God is gratitude.  Faith oriented toward … Continue reading

Pastor Note #47 — Living in Time, Living with God, Part 3: Disciplines of Christian Remembering

            Time can seem like an enemy to us sometimes.  Our lives flow away from us into the past.  And as they do, they seem to slip through our fingers like sand.  We can especially feel that way as we watch our children and then our grandchildren grow up and … Continue reading

Pastor Note #46 — Living in Time, Living with God, Part 2: The Past Tense of Faith

            Time flies.  Or, time drags.  But the unalterable reality of human life is time.  We live in time as fish live in water.  I have a past.  I am in the present.  And in some form I will have a future.  This time-orientedness is the fundamental framework of our lives.  Everything we do, everything … Continue reading

Prayer Note #35 — A Prayer for Artists and Artisans

Thanks you, Lord, that you have led me to discover the pleasures of making things with my hands — durable things that last, things that can be appealing to the eye, things that show the natural beauties of the wood and stone that you have made and the metals you have shown us how to … Continue reading