Quote #13 — God as He Is

“But how far removed from the idea of the New Testament are the insipid words of the hymn which says, ‘He came sweet influence to impart, a gracious willing guest,’ and goes on to say, ‘and his that gentle voice we hear, soft as the breath of even, that checks each fault, that calms each … Continue reading

Sermon #37 — Our God of Power: Redeeming a People to Himself — Exodus 3:1-12

“I am convinced that the Christian life becomes a truly exciting adventure only when God is free to break into our days at any moment, just as he did in the case of ordinary, rank-and-file believer[s] [throughout the Bible], providing us with a special ministry assignment, calling for us to speak and act prophetically toward … Continue reading

Sermon #36 — Our God of Power: Creation — Colossians 1:15-20

“…theological realism: the simple, basic belief that God is that ultimate reality out of which all physical realities around us derive their existence, and that his real presence is immediately accessible to his people.”  Gary Tyra, The Holy Spirit in Mission, p. 112 There is no moment, no place, no aspect of the created order … Continue reading