Prayer Note #57 — Relying on God vs. Presuming upon God: A Prayer

I am utterly and in every way dependent on your mercy and grace.  My life my salvation, my well-being all of it hangs by the thread of your merciful, kind, gracious disposition toward me.  Your love and desire for my well-being is the only bulwark for me against catastrophe of every sort in my life.  … Continue reading

Pastor Note #48 — Living in Time, Living with God, Part 4: Obedience–Faith in the Present Tense

            We human beings live within time very much the way fish live within water.  One way to think about the relationship of faith to the passage of time is to think about the tenses of faith.  I’ve described it this way.  Faith oriented toward the past faithfulness of God is gratitude.  Faith oriented toward … Continue reading