Sermon #54 — Famine in the Land, Part 1

God made us to live purposefully in communion with him, and so when human creatures are out of communion with God, they live with an anxious, aimless urgency which is destructive to them. This is a fundamental truth of human existence and a reality of human experience that I know well personally.  It seems that … Continue reading

Pastor Note #60 — One Church, One Pastor, and a Festival of Evangelism

I had lunch with Franklin Graham a few weeks ago. . . . All right, there were about 500 other people at the lunch. . . . Okay, yes, Franklin was sitting at a table on the other side of the room from me. . . .No, it’s true I couldn’t actually see him, so … Continue reading

Pastor Note #58 — One Pastor’s Annual Report to his Congregation in Pursuit of God’s Presence

WHO ARE WE? As I mentioned in a recent sermon, I have been listening to a recording of a series of lectures given by one of my former seminary professors, Dr. Gordon Fee, who has written a great number of wonderfully helpful and insightful books and articles, especially on the New Testament.  In one of … Continue reading

Pastor Note #50 — Of Love, the Mission of Christ, and a Long-ago Visit to Pakistan

            The room where we all sat was crowded and dark and made of heavy stone.  It felt almost like a castle or a fortress.  That wasn’t so surprising.  We later found out that the building had been built by the British during the “Raj” as a garrison for their troops.  Now it housed … Continue reading

Prayer Note #19 — A Christian’s Prayer at the Turning of the Year

A Christian’s Prayer at the Turning of the Year   Lord Jesus, you are the Word through whom all things were spoken into existence.  You are the eternal Word who was present before the beginning of time itself.  And you are the Word who became flesh to live in this world of days and nights, … Continue reading


“Believing and Belonging – Belonging and Believing”  Those terms are often used to name two elements – the two elements? – that are involved when a person becomes part of the community of God’s people. What we might mean by “believing” is probably pretty simple and straightforward.  But maybe not quite so simple and straightforward … Continue reading