Sermon #65 — Death Defeated, Part 2: A New Creation

Sermon Audio of “Death Defeated, Part 2: A New Creation” (see link to audio below) Our bodies die.  And with that physical death come all sorts of loss and tearing of relationship.  Physical death is a powerful reality that all human beings have to come to terms with.  In this sermon, I explore what the … Continue reading

Sermon #58 — The Body of Jesus, Bodies for Jesus

The Body of Jesus, Bodies for Jesus A Sermon Preached on John 20:19-23 (see also Revelation 21:1-5) at Venice Presbyterian Church in Cecil Township, PA on April 12, 2014 Are we serious about serving an incarnate, an embodied God?  Do we really mean it?  And if we do, what does it mean for us that … Continue reading

Sermon #3–Sex and Loving God: Natures and Origins

This sermon was preached at North Presbyterian Church on January 8, 2012 at morning worship.  It’s part of a series I preached on the topic of “Sex and Loving God.”  During that worship service we read Matthew 2:1-12 ( because this was the Sunday nearest to Epiphany, the church holy day when we celebrate the … Continue reading