Prayer Note #32 — A Prayer for a Day of Fasting for Guidance

A Prayer for a Day of Fasting O Lord, you are my Lord. To you I say and an unconditional “Yes.” To myself and the world and the devil, I say an unwavering “No.” Grant me ears to hear you today. Grant me discernment beyond mere human wisdom. Grant me utter submission to your kingship … Continue reading

Prayer Note #26 — A Pastor’s Sunday Morning Prayer

Lord, my emotions are squirming around in me in a very uncomfortable way.  I know that that is caused by a wide range of pressures, stressors, foolish thoughts, genuine problems, and a real sense of overload, of having more things in my mind than I can keep track of.  Important matters are slipping through my … Continue reading

Prayer Note #15 — A Pastor’s Prayer before Worship

I look to you, my Lord and my God.  I look to you.  The worship of your people and my part in it all hangs on the working of your Spirit.  Be gracious and patient with us, because we do come here full of sin and self-centeredness.  We are idolatrous people, because much of our … Continue reading

Prayer Notes #9–Wanting What You Want, Lord, Then Doing What I Want

Savior, thank you for your unfailing presence with me.  Thank you for reminding me that everything I do is filled with meaning in you.  You know that I struggle against and resist so much of what you lay before me to do, because I don’t “feel like” doing it.  So very much of my meaning … Continue reading

Prayer Notes #6–Choosing to Hear

My Lord, how you work in faithful purposefulness!  You give me a heart that is able to listen.  You intentionally choose to place me where I can be of use.  Though, all too often I fail to pay attention.  The failure is in my attentiveness, my alertness, not in the clarity of your voice.  You … Continue reading

Prayer Notes #1

A Prayer about Prayer Lord, I struggle so much to force myself to be still and to concentrate on  anything, but especially on prayer.  I really do hate this about myself.  Do I have to be this way?  Please, Lord, if I could simply be still and concentrate better mentally, I believe I would be … Continue reading

Pastor Notes 3

Sometimes when we come away from a worship service feeling unmoved, feeling as if the service was confusing, boring, or poorly led, the problem is not actually with the worship service itself or with the people leading it, but instead is a problem within us and our lack of real preparation. And sometimes when the worship service has indeed been poorly planned and led, we can meet God powerfully in it anyway simply because we have prepared ourselves well.